3 years in the making delivered one of B-ROGUE BUILTS most rewarding and challanging build yet.

Before we discuss Stradman's Gallardo build, we want to address the time frame of this project.

Yes, it took three years to complete. Some key contributing factors worked against us in many ways that caused the build to drag on well beyond our anticipated time frame. A car over 15 years old with well over 50k on the clock is not the ideal candidate for a twin-turbo build with ZERO issues.

The original installation of the Twin Turbo Package, along with a bespoke titanium exhaust system, took less than six weeks to complete. Only when the car was on the dyno did we find underlying issues with the motor. These issues had to be addressed before we could move forward with the build's tuning phase for the engine's safety and longevity under the added stress of a twin-turbo system. Transforming the Twin Turbo build into a full-engine rebuild project while the Covid-19 Pandemic kicked off. As you can imagine, this led the whole project to a standstill as the world shut down. We tried to get parts from Lamborghini sources such as Lamborghini Polo Storico (Lamborghinis Classic Restoration Division), who still stocked these scarce parts. The waiting game started during those uncertain times. We need to stress the issues with a limited-run car, and finding specific replacement parts during a pandemic is nothing short of a nightmare.

All in all, this put a pause on the whole project until mid-2021. As the world reopened and parts began to flow in, we could make fast work of the engine rebuild. As we moved back to the test and tune phase after the engine rebuild was completed. As parts continued to fail with the added power, a decison was made to replace as many critical parts as possible for maximum reliability, as it was clear the old parts would not handle the added power of the Twin Turbo System. This has become a wild hunt for OEM parts worldwide. One essential part, such as the water pump connector rod, needed to be found. We spent five months hunting down what looked like a pencil with a gear attached to it.

Closing in on the end of 2022, the project entered the test and tune phase once again. At this point, the car ran as expected, and the decisions made leading up to this paid off. All of the hard work and hurdles combined to create what is possibly the most ambitious Twin Turbo Project we have ever completed.

The Build

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