Our Exclusive Signature Titanium Exhaust Systems are all Designed + Hand-Built in house. We prioritize Titanium thanks to its many various benefits. Titanium dissipates heat faster than stainless steel which results in a cooler running engine bay and lower IAT's. It also eliminates drone by absorbing unwanted harmonics and unwanted residencies as air pulses through the exhaust. Our design is unique to us as we have tested numerous designs as well as sizes, and tubing lengths that lead us to our final result. We see an average of 20-28 whp gains depending on where the car is located and what type of fuel is being used.

B-Rogue Built Exhaust Systems eliminates 68lbs off the back end of the car resulting in mechanical hp gains as well. Our unique design consists of two cross over pipes which both serve their own purpose. The upper crossover serves as a pressure equalizer between the two sides and since it's in more of a direct path of flow this effectively raises the pitch, bringing back a little more of the F1 sound. The lower crossover serves as a scavenge. This is where the power is made. It is purposely placed at the very end of a straight section where velocity speeds up to increase its pulling/suction effect as the air pulses. Air gets pushed passed it effectively aiding in the up stroke of the opposing cylinders exhaust stroke. This basically creates negative pressure in the cylinders up stroke which is the opposite of what a positive pressure i.e. turbo/supercharger motor does and has the same effect just not as drastic as positive pressure.

  • A unique patina from heat cycling makes each system one of a kind.

  • Systems mount to factory locations and utilize OEM mounts.

  • OEM fitment works with stock tips and bumper cutouts


From mild to wild, let our team create the bespoke exhaust of your dreams. Each system is designed and developed around the vehicle for perfect fitment and visual appeal. Aside from styling is, of course, the sound. Utilizing titanium and state-of-the-art manufacturing, our bespoke system's sound signature is something out of this world.

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