As we add more power, and more grip, ultimately we end up exceeding the limits of the factory shocks. The shocks are essentially the connection point of what controls the leverage effect in between the chassis and wheels/tires. For example, as the tires have more grip, it forces the weight of the car to shift more aggressively to the rear of the car, and it’s the shocks job to control that motion. At a certainly point, with adding power and grip, the shock has a hard time resisting that weight transfer and shocks either fail or just simply are not able perform as well of a job as they once were with a stock car, which is the level of power and grip they were originally designed for. We here have had the rear shocks actually blow out due to this exact situation multiple times during testing. With that being the case, we put our heads together create a solution, bringing Motion Control Suspension for that solution.

After a few months of testing we developed our own proprietary valving and spring package with them! We creating the ultimate compromise in performance and retaining comfort so that the suspension is now capable of handling the added power and grip! Not only that but, they have a warranty and are rebuildable, not to mention they are more cost effective than replacing the factory suspension! What more can you ask for?

Suspension Kits